Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sweet Tooth Tuesday: Cotton Candy Edition

Today is the 15th day of NaBloPoMo and I am just squeezing in a blog post with about 2 hours left in the day! It's been a very busy day to say the least. My boys are on "Spring Break" from school, but since they are both rowers, and there is a regatta this weekend, we're having a Staycation.

Thinking about an actual vacation led me to the topic of sweets. I have an incredible love for all things sweet and I can hardly think of anything sweeter than cotton candy. It's crazy unhealthy, bad for your teeth, terrible for your blood-sugar and DELICIOUS! I love the stuff. I realize it's just spun flavored sugar, but sometimes simple is perfect. I collected a few cotton candy ideas I found on Pinterest and I'm sharing them with you today (er, tonight technically).

Do YOU like cotton candy?

none of these photos are mine. please visit each site linked below to read about these sweet ideas!
1. Cotton Candy Popcorn by Craftberry Bush
2. Cotton Candy swirled onto rock candy sticks by Martha Stewart Weddings
3. Cotton Candy Lollipops and Champaign by The Knot
4. Hand-pulled Cotton Candy by A Little Zaftig
5. Cotton Candy Macarons by Life's a Feast
6. Fairyfloss Cotton Candy Jars by Kara's Party Ideas
7. Cotton Candy Mini Cheesecakes by Hoosier Homemade

Sweet dreams!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Passover

Tonight is the start of Passover and my day has been full of preparing, so today's post is quick. I snapped this photo this morning and thought:  "what a beautiful day I've been given". I have so much to be thankful for... a morning sky like this is certainly on the list.

If you and your family are celebrating, I wish you a peaceful Passover.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Latest Custom Designs: Birthdays and a Graduation

The overwhelming majority of the invitations I sell are 100% custom. A client will contact me with an idea and then I get to run with it! Today I'm excited to be able to share with you three of my latest custom invitations. The first I designed a couple months ago for Annie's 2nd birthday! She is about to have an "Exploration Party" with her friends! How fun! I've been working with Annie's mom, Sarah, for a few years now, designing invitations and party accessories for birthdays, baby namings etc. It's always a joy to be asked back to design for a family event. Thank you, Sarah, and Happy Birthday, Annie!

The second birthday invitation I'm sharing with you is for Ella, who is turning one! Yay, Ella! For this invitation suite the theme includes puppies, pink and a chalkboard look. Ella is very fond of dogs so it seemed fitting. Happy Birthday, Ella!

The third invitation is for a high school graduation party for (another) sweet Annie! Short back story: I first met Annie's mother, Suzi and father, David, when my family moved during my 7th grade year of school.  Suzi and I first met in band. We both played flute. Suzi, David and I continued going to school together through high school and we all three attended Purdue University! To take this friendship one step closer, Suzi and I were "sisters" at Purdue, both pledging at a cooperative house named Twin Pines! So this was an extra special design for me. Congratulations to Annie and her parents for reaching this special day!

Wishing Annie, Ella, Annie and all three families wonderful celebrations. Thank you for allowing me to be a little part of your big day! Much love and happiness to all of you.

If you would like to have a custom invitation designed by Easton Place, email me with details! I'd love to work with you.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Office Dance Break

One of the downsides to working as a designer is the number of hours I sit in front of my computer. You know the saying: "Time flies when you're having fun!" Well time does fly as I sit designing pretty invitations, a new printable file for a small business or a logo, but when it's time to step away and begin "mommy time" after school, my legs can sometimes be a little achy. That's why I set an alarm on my computer to remind me to get up and move a little during the work day. I created a Spotify playlist called "Office Dance Break" that helps me get a few minutes of moving in. Aggie, my goldendoodle, is always happy to dance with me. If you're looking for some fun music to move to, have a listen. If you're on Spotify, give me a follow and I'll follow you back!

Wishing you a happy Saturday!