Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah: Martha's Vineyard Edition!

Many of you reading this may already know I've been on holiday on Martha's Vineyard.  I've tweeted daily about the lovely adventures my family and I have been having.  I thought I'd do a recap of the trip and show you some of the photos from around the island.  But first a little background on my love affair with the Vineyard...

I first visited and fell in love with Martha's Vineyard while visiting with a college friend the summer after I graduated from Purdue.  I say "fell in love" and that's exactly what I mean!  I absolutely loved the vineyard then and the feeling has only gotten stronger since.  You know the age old question, "Do you believe in love at first sight?"  Well I do!  I believed from the first visit to the vineyard this was going to be a life long love affair and so far that holds true.

My husband and I had a last minute change to honeymoon on the vineyard after a hurricane sadly blew away the tropical island we were scheduled to visit only two weeks before.  I've sometimes wondered if Martha maybe orchestrated the whole thing so that I wouldn't be tempted by another island... hmmm?

Since marrying and having children we've vacationed on the vineyard nearly every year.  Last year my husband was recovering from a torn ACL and the trip wasn't to be.  This year we've resumed our scheduled visit and made up for loss time!  We've biked, played tennis, visited beaches, swam, seen the lighthouses, eaten like a kings, seen the island from the sky in a biplane, visited the local farm and jumped off the famous "Jaws Bridge"!  Every year our visits get better and better, and this year is certainly no exception to that idea.  I hope that each and every one of my readers has an opportunity to experience the beauty, fun and simple pleasures of Martha's Vineyard!

Let me know, in the comments below, your favorite place to visit!  Or perhaps you have your own Martha's Vineyard "love story" to share.

To read about some of our favorite restaurants on the vineyard, please read my post on The Whimsical Fig!

Katama Airfield, Atria Restaurant, Winnetu Resort, Mad Max


  1. I used to spend summers on the cape and we'd do day trips to the Vineyard. I loved it and would love to get back there more often. It definitely is a special, magical place to spend summers. I'm glad you had a nice vacation!

  2. How did they get the photo of you in the plane? Camera attached to the structure? How cool is that, and what a beautiful day you had! (After such a rainy start)

  3. Thanks, Becca! I think the bottom line is, it's laid-back and sort of "old fashioned" in a sense. We vacation on the cape sometimes as well... Chatham to be exact. We like it there too :)

    The picture was taken while the plane was still on the ground. The "helper person" was standing on the wing I think... or maybe a small ladder. They do have video equipment attached for filming the ride! My husband & "thing 2" had that done. I can't wait to see the footage which will arrive in about 2 weeks!