Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Card Swap!

I recently participated in a Valentine's Day Card Swap organized by the lovely Carina over at Crow and Canary. (Thanks, Carina, for putting that together.)

The first card came from Tori Higa.  When you have a moment, visit her blog and website! Such cute illustrations and cards.  The card Tori sent me has sweet fabric adhered to the front of an illustrated tea cup and above it the wording "You are just my cup of tea, Valentine".  Inside the card was a Red Raspberry Tea Bag! How thoughtful is that? See for yourself:

The second card to arrive in the post was from Tara Bliven. You can visit her blog and shop as well.
Tara sent me the prettiest little letterpress card (swoon) featuring the word Love and a trail of yellow and teal hearts of various sizes. I'm a pushover for letterpress. How about you?

I really enjoyed receiving cards from these two talented designers! Thank you, ladies! 

While I'm on the subject of receiving things in the post... I have an updated snail-mail address. My new address is:

If you want to "card swap" with me any time of the year, send me a card. I'll send one to you as well!
I hope you all had a sweet and loving Valentine's Day.


  1. Ohhhh, love love those cards! The letterpress one specially because teal and yellow are my favorite colors also! And the teacup one is perfect for you and your love of tea :) Jotting down your new address! have a great day sweetie!

  2. Glad you like them :) What's not to like, right? lol
    I'll be checking the post!

  3. Thanks for the mention! Can't wait to check my PO Box for yours (I'm a little behind on Valentine's Day!) I'm glad it made it... I wasn't so sure about that orange envelope + white writing, but I was feeling a little too lazy to switch colors!

  4. Tara,
    I meant to say that I loved the white ink! I need to get a good white pen. What brand do you use?

    I hope you get your card soon :)

  5. Swaps are so much fun. I love seeing how others create or how they look at a theme in different ways. Both of these are lovely...

  6. I'm glad you were able to swap! Love that yellow and teal color combo. And I think I will send you a card :)

  7. So fun! Thank you for the sweet mention. :) I am actually out of town, but can't wait to receive your Valentine as well!

  8. Thanks for all the comments :) I do hope I get a lot of cards in my new Post Box!

    Hopefully you've received your card by now. Sorry it was late. xoxo