Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dreaming of... Sunglasses

A few months ago I had some fun trying on sunglasses by Tiffany & Co. I posted a photo on Instagram asking via twitter if I should get the ones I was wearing. A resounding "yes" was the final vote. (no surprise). With the unseasonably warm Spring weather New England is experiencing, I revisited Tiffany's sunglasses collection and shown below are my top 4 favorite styles. Which one is your favorite? Just curious.

a. Tiffany 1838, b. Victoria cat eye, c. Return to Tiffany Square, d. Tiffany 1837

Of course, I'm just dreaming about these at the moment. With Spring comes "Spring Fever" and I do believe that's what I have... do you?


  1. I can't decide between A and B. It would depend on the person's hair color and face shape, i think.

  2. Love b and c! I have a thing for sunglasses and this weather is definitely making me want to buy a few pairs!

  3. D! Mostly for the color because it's my favorite. But honestly C would probably look better on me.