Sunday, June 30, 2013

You Say Good-Bye and I Say Hello!

I've just returned from a fabulous get away to Martha's Vineyard! Instead of giving you the rundown of our rain-filled days away, I'm jumping on the "Farewell to Google Reader" bandwagon. This is just a quick little post to announce you can follow my blog quite simply by clicking on that lovely undressed maiden on the right! Why, she's wearing nothing but her birthday suit and a plus sign on her bosom!  Do you see her? Of course you do! Clicking on her will had Easton Place Blog to your Blog Lovin' readers list. Oh the joy of it all!

Please excuse me. I've got to unpack, hug my Aggie-doodle, throw some vacation laundry in the machine and crash. Vacationing is lovely, but I always feel exhausted upon return. (First World Problem, indeed!)



  1. I'm now following you on bloglovin xo

  2. Hello!!! Just added you, and happy return home :-) xo EA