Friday, August 9, 2013

Shark Week 2013: Glamor Edition

As "Shark Week" wraps up here in the U.S., I thought it would be fun to collect some items representing a more glamorous version of the finned craze. Of course a "few" of these items are far beyond what I'm willing to spend to have Shark Glam, but still, it's fun to be a Lookie-Lou.

(none of these photos are mine. links to each below.)

  1. Giuseppe Zanotti Shark Tooth Embellished Sued Slippers: $650
  2. Shark Print Trio by Happy Menocal: $300
  3. Fossilized Shark Tooth and Diamond Cuff by Dezso: $3,100
  4. Aksel Kjersgaard Shark Table: $6,500
  5. White Shark Pillow by The Beach Garage: $36
  6. 18-karat Rose Gold, Diamond and Fossilized Shark Tooth Necklace by Anita Ko: $13,210
  7. Pashli Satchel (shark imprint) by Phillip Lim: $895 (Target will be carrying a version this fall!)
So there you have it! My version of Shark-Glam! What do you think? If you could have any of these pieces, which would you choose? It's fun to Lookie-Lou.

Happy weekend, friends.

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