Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Post-Party Thank You Note Writing

Tis the season for party hosting and attending! Holiday party season is officially here. I know I've written about the importance of taking a hostess/host gift to the party, so today's post is a reminder to thank your host afterward with a thoughtful handwritten note. Please don't do this with an email. It's really not enough. After all, the party-giver went to great lengths to prepare for their guests. Even if the festivities were ultra casual, there was much effort taken to prepare for the fun and keep the party going.

Thank you notes can be thoughtful and to the point in as few as 4 sentences.

  1. Thank the host for inviting you to the party.
  2. Note at least one specific detail, of the event, that was extra special to you.
  3. Expand on that detail in a personal way.
  4. Wish the host a lovely holiday season or if you know of an upcoming event for the host, wish them much success with the occasion.
It's really that simple! Here's an example:

stacked initial stationery, stacked initial rubber stamp, ink box, staedtler triplus fineliner pen

Dear Daphne & Chris,
Thank you for inviting Matthew and me to your holiday party. The two of us couldn't stop talking about how delicious your signature drink was! 
I'd love the recipe sometime.  Have a lovely trip to Utah and Happy New Year!

For the cost of a piece of stationery and a stamp, you'll be brightening someone's day, reminding them how lovely they are, and you might just make next year's guest list! 

Cheers to a festive holiday party season and being thankful. Write your thank you notes and feel good about making someone's day special.


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