Friday, April 4, 2014

Dream Closet

If you follow Easton Place on Instagram, then you already know my home has been going through some renovations for nearly a year. If you've not visited my Instagram feed, please go have a lookie-lou. We started in May, 2013 with replacing 90% of our windows, getting the exterior painted, changing a french door, adding new garage doors and adding a trellis over. Next we moved onto the boys' bathroom, the kitchen and finally our master bath and bedroom. As the painters will be starting on our bedroom next week (fingers crossed), I realize I would love to have my small walk-in closet reworked. My husband has the larger of the two walk-in closets. We refer to his as the "cloffice". It's actually the same size as our nursery was in our first home and it has a double wide, double-hung window. The reason we call it that silly name is because it's his closest and an office space for him as well.

Back to my simple walk-in... It's a fine size for hanging clothes, but it's not special. I've been looking at amazing examples of closets on Houzz and Pinterest and thought I'd share a few dressing rooms that've caught my eye. (all photos via Pinterest)

I love how elegant and feminine this closet is. I'm not normally a big fan of brass features, but this closet's brass knobs & added elements are perfection. The light from the window is wonderful.
I love the monochromatic feel of this room. The storage to the (high) ceiling is amazing.
I think I will do something like this in my closet. I have a couple extra large Kallax bookcases from Ikea that could serve as an inexpensive version of this shoe organizer.
There is so much about this space I love: It's bright, organized, feminine, functional, and can you hardly stand how perfect the wallpaper is in this space? Swooning!
I don't think this dressing room / closet is a great use of space, but I do love the color and I like the sweet mirror etc. There are several design elements I could see using in my space.

Have a look at my Pinterest board of Dream Closets  to see these photos and others, and let me know what you think! I'll continue to take photos of the Wunder-Renovation and when all is complete, I'll post a full report here on the blog. 


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