Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autumn Has Arrived (sort of)

Technically speaking, it is officially Autumn. Weather-wise, um, not-so-much. Today in New England it was a lovely 82 degrees and the weatherman says warmer and more humidity for tomorrow. That stated, the trees, squirrels and geese know the seasons have changed. Everywhere I look I note shades of Autumn color on the treetops. The squirrels have been busy digging in the garden, finding that perfect hiding spot for Winter's culinary treasures. The Canada Geese can been seen (and heard) flying in their perfect "V" formation as they make their way to a warmer climate.

This imagery brings me to some of my latest card designs.  I recently had the honor of creating a custom design for a business that specializes in the humane removal of Canada Geese by using canines.  The owner of the company had received a business holiday card last year from a client of mine. She contacted me this Summer asking if I could create a holiday cards unique to her business. Here is the finished product. I especially love the look of it with the rhubarb colored envelopes! The order was complete with coordinating, round return address labels.

More and more companies are sending appreciation cards during the Thanksgiving season which is smart and thoughtful business! Here are some of the other Autumn designs you can find in my shop. If you send out business "holiday cards" perhaps you'll consider sending Thanksgiving cards instead. My clients who do so report a lot of positive feedback!


  1. This is my favorite autumn design of yours so far. You keep outdoing yourself, Patti! :-)