Monday, May 9, 2011

A Weekend of Celebration

Our family had a wonderful weekend full of celebrating! Not only was it mother's day, but my oldest son became a Bar Mitzvah on Saturday. I've shared some of the process along the way with photos of the invitation suite and a few of the party favors. Today I'm showing you a little bit more. As you may recall, the party had a "woodland" theme. I used two existing illustrations from my collection, the snail and mushroom, and I added a third illustration: the fern.

Each guest (or couple) received nine pieces of Woodland Themed personalized stationery...

Each place setting included a dark chocolate covered pretzel rod from Munson's Chocolates and a menu card with one of the woodland illustrations on top. The place cards were also topped with one of the themed illustrations...

Here is a photo I snapped of my son's table. I will share more photos once I receive them from the photographer.

The whole day was absolutely lovely. All were invited to the luncheon directly following the service while only kids were invited to the evening festivities which lasted until 11:00 p.m. A restful Mother's Day was greatly appreciated and I'm not ashamed to tell you I never changed out of my pajamas on Sunday. And to top it off... I took a mid-day nap! Perfection.


  1. THAT was the kid's table!? Love the theme darling, sooo lovely! And staying in you pajamas all day? Yei for you! Pajama Jeans? ;)

  2. Everything is absolutely beautiful. I love the theme and table settings. I am sure your sweet boy appreciates all your hard work and his amazing event. Congratulations!!!!

  3. Looks like elves were probably dancing on the tables in all that greenery!

  4. Donna Thieke says...It was a perfect day in every way for a perfectly delightful young man.

  5. You certainly know how to throw a party! I am sure the guests appreciated the personalized gifts, they are beautiful pieces. After all the festivities, I am sure the break on Mother's Day was a warm welcome.