Saturday, May 14, 2011

So Many Moving Parts

There's a phrase I've been using a lot this week: "Life has so many moving parts lately." I must have said it at least half a dozen times over the past 7 days. As you might have read, my son finally had his big day and became a Bar Mitzvah! That event was so joyous and worth all the effort from all of us. This week has been business catch up time! I am nearly finished putting the finishing touches on EPBaby. I am nearly finished with my newsletter. I am nearly finished with my wholesale marketing packets. I am nearly finished with my new online catalog for my retailers. I'm nearly caught up on custom orders and I'm walking the National Stationery Show on Sunday. So many moving parts indeed! And it will all come together at some point. 

from last year's National Stationery Show
Of course add to that list of moving parts: The last few weeks of school, getting the kids ready for camp, planning a family vacation, gardening and as always, laundry! Life is certainly not dull and I wouldn't want it any other way.

from the garden

from the garden
What sort of "moving parts" do you have in your life right now? 


  1. I like that phrase and actually had never heard it until you tweeted it to me the other day :) Moving parts in my life: visa process, long distance relationship, freelance writing daily, searching for more freelancing projects, baking almost every. Seems like...not a lot but somehow I manage to be busy all day. What I really want? A kitchen job....I miss the action and am becoming a bum on my butt all day. Oh well, life has it's stepping stones to better things. I'm seeing this as a stepping stone ;)

    Cannot wait to see everything you're coming up with and deep down I'm wishing I'll somehow be on MV when you're there! xoxo!

  2. Oh so many!!! Speaking of retailers, I would love to carry your stationary in my new space, let's chat :)

  3. Lots of moving parts here too! I like how you put it..."they will all come together soon!" A much better view than seeing it all as too much & overwhelming. It will simply all come together in due time!

    I'm in the same boat with the and book form, marketing mailers, site updates...our gardens are finally complete though so that's a plus & the little guys is excited about the 3 camps he'll be attending this summer. So, the parts are making their way into place piece by piece.

    So happy we finally got to meet at the show too! You're just as sweet as I had anticipated :)