Saturday, July 16, 2011

2011 Summer Travels (part 1: Ithaca)

What a month July has been... and it's only half over!

My family and I spent nearly two weeks traveling for holiday. The first part of the getaway was to Ithaca, NY. If you've not been there, I strongly recommend you visit! The farmer's market is amazing, the lake is incredible and of course the gorges are gorgeous! Here are a few photos...

fresh eggs from the farmer's market

boys in the water 

beautiful views

sweet flowers
I'll share photos from the second half of the trip in part two!


  1. Oh, love the eggs...I've never been to Ithaca, but it does look lovely! CANNOT wait for part two! ;)

  2. Lovely photos! I'd love to visit tha area some time. Looks very pretty! Welcome back :-)