Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Summer Travels (part 2: Martha's Vineyard)

Many of my readers know I have a deep love for Martha's Vineyard. For those of you who are new to this blog or somehow missed this personal fact, you can read about my 2010 Vineyard trip here.

This year we did many of the same things, but added a few new. One of the new events was the "losing of the only set of car keys"! That was a fun day in the end. Needless to say, sometimes you just have to laugh about little mishaps. A recap of that day...

*Family piles into car and heads to "Jaws Bridge" to go jumping.
*Husband is first one to jump!
*Husband forgets to take car key out of swim trunks.
*Key to car is lost at sea.
*I calls best friend (Cathy) to ask for help.
*Best friend calls locksmith to break into house and retrieve extra key then overnights key to the Vineyard
*Husband contacts Oak Bluffs police to break into car so we can collect our phones, i.d. and wallets
*Husband rents Jeep
*Family has an awesome day/night riding around the Vineyard in a Jeep!
(lemons to lemonade moment)
*Key arrives 2 hours before scheduled ferry reservation for car!

"Jaw's Bridge" - Oaks Bluff

Moving on...
One of our favorite places to eat is The Right Fork Diner. If you have the great fortune of visiting Martha's Vineyard, you must at least go there for their French Toast. It's our family's favorite item on their breakfast menu. I prefer to order them with fresh berries, but there are other options as well.
Brioche French Toast with Fresh Berries
While we were at the diner, we arranged for "Thing 2" and my niece, Jordan, to take in a Bi-Plane ride including tricks (loop-to-loops and spirals). I can personally tell you that this is a fabulous way to see the Vineyard. I took advantage of this opportunity in 2010, but this year left it to the kids!

Smiles from Jordan
Assistant helps get them strapped in

Across the field from the diner is the Farm Institute. It's a beautiful farm and educational center. The farm also supplies fresh eggs, poultry, beef and pork to area restaurants. My youngest has on occasion enjoyed stopping there, on the walk back to the resort, to help feed the chickens! If we can remember to think ahead next year, perhaps we'll sign him up for farm camp.
farm institute 
Once again we enjoyed ourselves at The Winnetu. It's completely family friendly with daily activities for all ages including camp, tennis lessons, yoga, firetruck rides and evening movies. If you're looking for a well appointed, yet relaxed environment, the Winnetu Resort will suit you quite well! (This is not a paid endorsement of any kind. I just happen to love giving credit where credit is due.)
pool side at the winnetu
While I'm on the subject of the Winnetu, I can't forget to mention our favorite little spot for a snack or picnic lunch... Katama General store! It has the best scones (cheddar chive is my fav.), cookies, fresh sandwiches and cold drinks! A perfect place to bike ride before or after a day on South Beach!
katama general store
the surf on south beach in katama

The last stop I want to share with you is the lighthouse at Aquinnah. The beach is amazing and the views from up top are breathtaking!

Along the way I took several photos of flowers. If you'd like to have a look, you can do so by visiting my flickr account! Here's my favorite...
queen anne's lace
(a weed technically, but still my favorite)
Personally, one of my favorite days was the day I got to meet India Rose of Martha's Vineyard Wedding Studio! It's not often that a graphic designer gets to meet a client who lives so far away, but I was lucky enough to have that opportunity. Though we'd not met or spoken before, it was as if we were instant friends. I came away from the meeting with a MVWS bottle of water and her amazing letterpress business cards each branded with the logo I designed for India. Have a look... the double thick letterpress cards are gorgeous!!! Her wedding studio is warm, inviting, well designed and perfect for planning that special event. I'm sure India's studio will be a huge success!
martha's vineyard wedding studio bottled water and letterpress business cards

I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my 2011 Summer Travels! And if you get a chance to visit Martha's Vineyard, tell her I'll see her next year! I'd love to hear about your summer travels. Feel free to share in the comments below. And if you've blogged about it or have a tumblr or flickr recap of your trip, let me know!

Happy Summer!


  1. Gorgeous recount! So happy you got some MV time! Funny keys story for sure!

  2. Hi - I am so happy to have found your blog. As you can tell from mine I have a life long obsession and love of the Vineyard.
    I love Katama General Store's coffee... and their scones are also to die for.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Great story and photos, Patti! LOVE those letterpress business cards!

  4. Hey Patti -

    Thanks for sharing! I love to see that other people live for, and love their family vacations as much as we do!! I'll have to put MV on our list.


  5. Quote of the Day goes to the locksmith, as I was trying to explain myself: "Oh, I have no doubt you're not up to something bad....No one calls a locksmith for that. Why would you want to bring a witness?"