Friday, June 1, 2012

June Photo Challenge

Whoa! Did May just happen? I wish I could cheer about completing a full month of May's photo challenge, but sadly I cannot. I did in fact miss pretty much the last half of May's photo subjects. Time to move on... no time for regret. It's June!!

The Coastal Chick, Kathryn Doran, has lovingly created this month's list of photo challenge subjects by using the list from Heidi King Photography's June Photo Challenge. Yesterday's post was a borrow from Twillypop, today's post is a borrow from Heidi King. I see a trend here! Anyway, please feel free to download the list and join us on flicker, twitter and/or instagram! Please use the hashtag #JunePhoto when posting on twitter and instagram so we can find you if you decide not to post on the Flickr group. I will try VERY hard to snap a photo everyday!


  1. Fun - I have always wanted to join one of these...
    xo Cathy

    1. Hi Cathy!
      I hope you DO join us :) It's fun and very relaxed... No worries if you miss a day or two. lol