Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

This summer my husband and I took our family to Martha's Vineyard. It's an annual tradition that's been going strong since Matthew and I were married. That's right... we had our honeymoon on Martha's Vineyard! As summer winds down, I find myself daydreaming about our few weeks on the vineyard. The sand, surf, biking, hydrangeas, seafood... a lovely daydream.

One of the things I seem to forget when packing, and you'll see the irony instantly, is thank you notes! On several occasions I found the need to write a thank you. For starters, the housekeeping at the resort was amazing. Our room was freshened daily, sometimes twice if we asked for it. (Kids, beach, afternoon snacks = messy vacation stays.) And while I tip the housekeeping staff daily, it would have been nice to finish off the trip with a handwritten note on a lovely piece of stationery.

There are a handful of restaurants we make sure to return to every summer. Often the hostess will recognize us and give us a complementary drink or dessert! (yum) When that happens, it would be so lovely to drop a thank you note in the mail the next day instead of trying to remember to write the note when we get home from our trip. I really hope I can remember to bring along some correspondence notes when we next travel. Even just a handful will be useful. Let me know in the comments if you also find yourself in need of a note or two when you travel.

  • Martha's Vineyard inspired Teal Blue Whale correspondence notes from Easton Place
  • Chappy Lighthouse, Martha's Vineyard
  • Hydrangeas from the garden
  • Sea Star (as found by my youngest son) on Martha's Vineyard
  • Rock Sculpture (built by my oldest son) on Martha's Vineyard
  • A perfect beach-side porch with painted ceiling. source
(all photos by Easton Place except the painted ceiling photo)

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  1. Tsk, tsk! Patti without stationery handy?

    Seriously, great idea to carry some with you, and luv the pics. What a big gorgeous sea star!