Thursday, January 31, 2013

Photo Mojo (photo challenge 2013 edition)

I've taken a month off from the photo challenge and have come to a conclusion: The 2012 Photo Challenge fueled my creativity! It's as if my creative mojo vanished in the night and I need to get it back. After discussing this "loss of creative mojo" with my husband and oldest son, I've but one realization... it's time to start another photo challenge. So without further delay I present for your creative boost, the 2013 February Photo Challenge! Wahoo! Who's with me?

For those of you who are new to the photo challenge, the rules are simple. 1. Take a photo-a-day based on the themes listed in the above photo. 2. Post that photo on Twitter, Instagram and/or on my flickr group. 3. Be sure to let me know when you post on Twitter/Instagram by using the hashtag #FebPic. If you're not already following me on Twitter and Instagram, please do! Let's get social.

This is suppose to be a fun challenge... no stress here. If you wanna join but worry you'll miss a day (or 12), not a problem. Take one subject/day at a time. If you miss some, you miss some!

Let me know if you you're joining the fun so I can look for your photos online. Just leave a comment below. Here's to bringing back some creativity!

Anyone is free to copy this image for use on your own blog, just be sure to credit / link my blog, please & thank you.



  1. I'm in and invited a new friend, hopefully she has time to participate! Thanks for putting it together again!

    1. Awesome! Thanks, Kara. And I'm SO happy you're in :)

    2. I always love the photo-a-day challenge! You are so right about it sparking creativity!! Keep an eye out for my pics :)

    3. I'm in! Always love the photo-a-day photo challenge!! You're right about it sparking creativity :) Keep an eye out for my pics!