Saturday, August 27, 2011

Keeping Up with Easton Place Designs

I have had the great honor of creating some designs for so many lovely people the past couple of weeks. I am so excited to share with you what's been on my "drawing board" as of late.

First off is the Sassy Bride series created exclusively for the Martha's Vineyard Wedding Studio. You can read all about her here. It was so fun to continue my work with Ms. India Rose! Next up for her is a flirty Soiree Girl. Keep watching for that design. It's just around the corner!

Next up is a preppy card I created for the talented bag maker, Jen St. Jean of the Itty Bitty Bag Company. Those of you who follow Jen on facebook, twitter or on her blog know she has fabulous style, an amazing line of handmade bags and a love for daschunds. So with this in mind I created this card for her...

Next week I'll show you two more custom designs I've been working on including a logo design. Until then, I hope your weekend is a good one! Being on the East Coast of the USA, my weekend is going to be wet and windy with the arrival of Hurricane Irene! Stay safe friends!!


  1. That is SO Jen... absolutely perfect.

  2. Lisa took the words right out of my mouth. Perfect!

  3. Loving these designs, they look fantastic!

  4. Love both of these designs and fun to see what you've been working on! Stay safe and dry!

  5. LOVE THESE---- Your work is amazing, I'm so happy to have a Easton Place Designs card, thank you for my amazing wedding card