Friday, March 1, 2013

March Photo Challenge 2013

Here's this month's Photo Challenge List! Our twitter tag will be "MarchPic", so please tag all your March Photo Challenge pictures with it on twitter and/or Instagram. If you want to upload your photos to the Flickr group, that would be great too!
Hope you have fun with it. If you want daily reminders on twitter, let me know in the comments below. If you're new, welcome! And if you need to know the "rules" they're quite simple. Take a photo each day using the subject matter listed on the image below. Post it on twitter, instagram and / or the group's Flickr page. No sweat if you miss one now and again. Just have fun with it. Please only submit your own photos. This challenge is designed to be fun and stimulate your creativity! It's also fun to connect with other "Photo Challengers" and see how they view the daily subjects.

Feel free to share this photo challenge on your own blog... but please give credit back to Easton Place. Thanks!

Cheers to March, 2013!

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