Sunday, December 22, 2013

Easy DIY Last Minute Gifts

Ok, let's get real. Christmas is in a few days. You still have a couple of "little things" you need to pick up for gifts, right? Don't panic. I've got you covered! How about some really easy DIY framed prints? You might even have some frames, in storage, perfect for these free printables. It's okay, I won't tell if you "regift" a frame.

The first one was from a Valentine post I did back in February. I think it's a sweet framed print for all year. Especially lovely for a little girl's room or nursery! I've shown it here, set into frames sold by the  Once Upon a Time Finds | Etsy. (please visit their shop for sweet vintage finds!)

Click HERE to go to your free printable!
The second printable artwork I created for Best Friends For Frosting! If you've not checked out their site, please do! This printable art would be super fun for a bestie or a diva in high school or even college! Heck… give it to all your diva girlfriends!

Click HERE to go to your free printable!
The third and final free printable is a recipe card for Easton Place Granola! How fun to make a batch of homemade granola, package it in a glass jar and include these recipe cards. Easy and delicious.

Click HERE to go to your free printable!
I hope these free printables help you with your last minute gift giving! Wishing you a sweet holiday season filled with love, laughter and yummy goodness. 


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